NCK GRUPA Customer Service Office:
Biuro Obsługi Klienta NCK GRUPA:
801-88-25-25, 694-95-99-66


In order to maintain the highest standards of our services, we recommend periodic meetings to maintain the flow of information for the response to any type of suggestion to be more efficient. We are insured against liability for our maintenance and installation activities.

• Our ambition is to cater for all clients. We meet their expectations and needs as we engage in each and every activity. What helps us achieve it is a customised management system, constant monitoring of the quality of our services and use of superior technological solutions, combined with a price adjusted to actual costs.

• We  own an Internet  platform (Help Desk Technical) aimed at managing inspections and troubleshooting of installations and equipment at  the facilities that we supervise and the documentation  related to such services (inspection reports, measurements, cost estimates, etc.).

• All orders can be monitored online via the service database, which enables you to track the status of the order and its entire history. Our employees and associates have all the required authorisations to carry out all maintenance activities. By signing the agreement with us, you are guaranteed to receive professional support, and immediate assistance of the maintenance team in the event of an unexpected failure.


We are here to help you 24/7