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Biuro Obsługi Klienta NCK GRUPA:
801-88-25-25, 694-95-99-66

Dear Sirs and Madams
I would like to inform you that in view of the current situation related to the COVID-19 and “top-down” communique/recommendations,
, NCK GRUPA has implemented appropriate procedures aimed at minimising the risk of infection at our offices and facilities.
Therefore, I recommend that you
– obey, observe and comply with the recommendations of the Company, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and other government authorities,
– take care of yourself, regularly monitor your health and health of your loved ones,
– use personal protective equipment at the company and in public spaces,
– follow the principles of hygiene and prophylaxis,
– reduce contacts with other people not related to the company,
– limit the number of times you leave the office buildings to a minimum,
– instruct NCK GROUP CONTRACTORS to pay special attention to the principles of hygiene during maintenance, including the necessity to disinfect hands and tools after each such operation and to use personal protective equipment,
– inform their immediate superiors about cases of contact with persons infected with the coronavirus and persons undergoing quarantine (the purpose is not to stigmatise such a person, but to “limit the spread of the virus” for our common good)
– disinfect all courier/mail deliveries,
Implementing the above recommendations at each stage of maintenance orders will allow ALL OF US to survive this period safely.

Yours sincerely
Jacek Kupidura – President of the Board
Warszawa 2020.05.01